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What learning materials do I need to prepare for ACCA in 2021?

 If a worker would do his work well, he must sharpen his tools.If you want to fight a successful battle, you must be prepared with all your weapons!Therefore, for candidates preparing for the 2022 ACCA exam, it is necessary to prepare the preparation materials in advance, so as to lay a solid foundation for fully reviewing the knowledge points of ACCA courses.ACCA has a sound knowledge system and curriculum system.Each of its courses is not independent, but closely related.Therefore, in the daily preparation process, students should make good use of the learning materials around them, solid subject foundation, and improve the passing rate of the exam.

     First, what materials need to be prepared?

1, ACCA real exam

True questions can reflect the law and characteristics of the proposition, help us to conclude the key examination points so as to reduce the time investment of unnecessary examination points, improve the review efficiency, and achieve twice the result with half the effort.Read a book a hundred times, its meaning can be seen by itself.Examinations are the same. Frequent brushing is the only way for you to deepen your knowledge of the subject.Do more exercises, brush more questions, you can have a big improvement.

2, ACCA examiner articles

  Technical Articles- Written by Examiners of the ACCA Test Panel

  TechnicalArticles is produced by the ACCA examination team (including examiners and technical experts, etc.). It is specially written for the key points, difficulties, new points in the syllabus, students' weak points, points that are not elaborated in depth in the textbook and points that are very important in practice. So you must pay attention to it!

3. ACCA syllabus

   The ACCA syllabus lists the knowledge points of each course in detail to provide convenience for ACCA students to prepare for the exam.It is suggested to scan the Paper a few days before the exam to see if there are any large chunks of knowledge that have not been reviewed, so as to make up for the gaps and strive for comprehensive coverage.

4. ACCA examiner's report

   The ACCA Examiner's Report is the assessment of an exam by the ACCA Examiner.There are two aspects of the role: one is to judge the performance of the examinee, the second is to reflect on the situation of the exam, some examiners will be very clear that a certain knowledge of the examinee did not answer well, but also to strengthen the investigation, this is to pay attention to, strengthen the preparation for the good.Sometimes the examiner will also explain the focus of the future test or the change of the test method, which is also worth attention.

5, simulation problem

   Examiners will be issued every year for students to simulate the test, for this paper suggested that we candidates in accordance with the real test time, limited time to do.In this way, we can effectively simulate the test environment.

6. The formula sheet that will be given in the exam

   For example, in the F6 tax exam, the basic tax rate will be listed, so as to facilitate our exam.Candidates need to pay attention to a lot of formulas and tax rates are not our own hard to remember, remember not to waste time in this above.False diploma

7, the teaching material

   The importance of textbooks is needless to say, you learn all the knowledge points of an important source.Textbooks can be purchased through official channels or in bookstores.

   With these preparation materials as a support, you can better grasp the direction of the exam in the usual preparation process, easier to pass the exam.fake degree

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