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Bachelor degree and the BCIT Seal

BCIT teaching mode consists of curricula education and non curricula education. By full time and part time course and remote course teaching, education certificate, buy diploma and fake degree can be organic cohesion. Students can be enrolled in first certificate or diploma course, continue to complete the degree program. Record of formal schooling education including specialized subject, undergraduate and graduate courses. Authorized by the mohe, BCIT will issue diploma, bachelor degree in technology and application of a master degree and honorary doctorate. Non academic education include a variety of industries and post certificate courses, such as international cargo agents, international interior decoration designers, etc.

BCIT has been enterprise and the social widespread praise and welcome.Recruit more and more Canadian industrial and commercial enterprises in the key technical and management personnel, will graduate of BCIT as first choice.
BCIT freshmen enrolled in each year, from other university graduate and transfer student as high as 40%. Although many students have a degree or has set up a file in the university to study, but will still be BCIT higher application technology education courses as the bridge to successful employment.

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