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Global university rankings

Recently, according to the U.S. News Report released the World's Best Countries of 2021, Canada for the first time outperformed all other countries, ranked first in the overall score of the world, called the world's best country.The best countries for 2021 are based on a survey of more than 17,000 middle class and highly educated individuals around the world, so the ranking is authoritative.It is sorted according to the following types:

  1 strain capacity

  2 enterprise spirit

  3 living quality

  4 Social purpose

  5 innovation ability

  6 national economic strength

  7  cultural influence

  8  cultural tradition

In addition to topping the overall ranking of more than 70 countries, Canada was also ranked as the best country in the world for quality of life and social purpose, and third for business-friendliness and agility.

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