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What's the difference between ACCA and CPA?

I believe many people have such a question: I am not an accounting major students can take ACCA?Which is better, ACCA or CPA?To understand this, we need to distinguish the essential differences between the two.

ACCA, Master of Chartered Association, is currently the world's leading body of professional accountants. It is also one of the most well-known accounting bodies in the world, known as "the passport of the international accounting community".

CPA refers to the person who has obtained the CPA certificate and practised in an accounting firm. It is the only certified public accountant qualification recognized in China at present and the only practicing resource with the right to sign.

The knowledge structure

If you are a non-accounting student, ACCA is your best choice and will be more selective than a double degree in accounting.The ACCA system is complete, abandoning some flowery knowledge, dry goods will be more systematic, will let you have an overall grasp of accounting knowledge.

If you have no accounting foundation, it will be very difficult to learn CPA, while ACCA has no entry threshold. No matter the major and English level, ACCA is more suitable for students with zero or poor foundation.

The course of ACCA is full English, which is of great help to improve your English level.And you can apply for Oxford Brookes University OBU Bachelor of Accounting degree, cost-effective.

Pass rate

The average pass rate of ACCA in the world is between 40% and 50%, which is conducive to the cultivation of beginners' professional confidence and learning interest. However, the average pass rate of CPA is only about 10%, and the annual bias and difficult problems are still very cruel.

Prospects for development

ACCA: Accounting firms, enterprises or finance firms have a wide path to work in foreign companies and are popular with state-owned enterprises that are opening up overseas markets.The biggest help to my career development is that I can easily be promoted to management level after a few years of work.Good for overseas study and immigration.According to different needs, make your right choice, your life path will be full of light!

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