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What is the ACCA AFM exam?

The ACCA exam is currently partly computer-based and partly written.The format of the ACCA exam has a lot to do with the subject.Is ACCA AFM a paper exam?

ACCA examination is currently divided into random computer-based examination, quarterly computer-based examination and written examination. The written examination is mainly P level courses. At present, ACCA AFM course is still carried out in the form of paper examination.However, from March 2021, the ACCA exam will be fully computer-based rather than paper-based.ACCA comprehensive computer exam is coming, no doubt in order to let the students and the actual work in line, more degree with the actual simulation form, let the exam into the type of work, so more exercise the practical ability of candidates, but also improve the students' operability.

There is still a paper exam in December. If you want to register for the exam, you can register as soon as possible.Seize the last chance of a paper test.

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