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Where does ACCA take the exam? Is the world unified?

Where does ACCA take the exam? In China, there are a lot of ACCA test centers. Today, we have listed some test centers in different regions of China, respectively for computer test and written test. Let's take a look at them.

1. Is ACCA a global test?

The ACCA questions are exactly the same no matter where you take them. ACCA courses are for global examinations. Some courses, such as business law and tax law, have country options. There is a UK version and a Chinese version.

There is no time limit for the examination of stage F, and the examination time of stage P is 7 years. If you fail to pass the examination within 7 years, you need to start from scratch.

Where can ACCA register for the exam?

The specific steps for ACCA registration are as follows:

1. Log in ACCA's official website, and then enter MY ACCA(for children's shoes not registered with ACCA, please register on the official website)

2. Enter the ACCA registration number and password in the login interface

3. Log in to MY ACCA and click the Exam Entry on the left

4. Click "Exam Entry" and what appears is the EXAM fee. Click Enter for Exams

Select Exam season and click the drop-down box to select Exam season. Click "Apply for Exam session".

6. Select the ACCA exam subject and check the box below the SELECT EXAM. The exam type is "Computer Based" or "Paper Based"


7, Reconfirm the exam information and payment amount. If there is any arrearage or annual fee, the amount will be shown after the MyACCA Account Balance Due

8. Tick the box and click "Proceed Topayment".

9.Select a credit Card and fill in Card Number, Card Holder Name, Card expiry Date, CVC, and click "Next".

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