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How do foreign countries look at diploma and degree?

The so.called diploma is the recognition that a student has received education in school in a certain period of time. It only represents the learning experience and only proves the time and process of a person's learning. It does not prove his academic theory level, research level, or his learning ability.

And the degree is the recognition of someone's academic research ability, is the recognition of the person's knowledge has reached a certain level, representing the learning level and level. Where to buy a fake degree in China? How to buy a real degree online?

Teacher Yu Huizi said: for the education below the university level, the existence of academic qualifications is of certain significance, but for the higher level of master's education, which focuses on academic research ability, the degree itself is more convincing than the degree, the value of the degree is more than the degree.

From the perspective of market recognition, for people working in government agencies, institutions or state-owned enterprises, dual certificates have a competitive advantage over single certificates.

But in foreign enterprises and private enterprises, the difference is not big, the key is personal ability and professional background, the master's degree certificate only plays the role of stepping stone.

Whether the master's degree certificate that does not have graduate student graduation certificate is not persuasive.

However, in view of the trend of foreign education development, more and more employers and examinees are bound to pay more and more attention to the degree certificate, which represents the individual ability level, and downplay the role played by the degree certificate.

From the perspective of foreign education system, most countries use degree certificate instead of graduation certificate.

The degree certificate, study abroad, immigration and domestic examination are all recognized by the state.

Due to historical reasons, there has been blind attention and worship for academic education in China, which actually reversed the importance of the two kinds of certificates.

In the early 1990s, the number of students who could receive college education was very small, so the society tended to regard having a college degree as an important standard when measuring the ability of talents.

But now, with more and more students with higher education experience, the society has no longer to worry about the differences in the educational level of talents. Many enterprises also begin to reverse the concept of employment, not to pay too much attention to the educational background of applicants, but pay more attention to their actual ability.

In addition, there is a big difference between the postgraduate education and the undergraduate education. The education form is more free and practical. Therefore, the postgraduate education abroad only has the degree without the graduation certificate.

The person who has the ability to complete the master's education shows that his personal quality has reached a certain level, and his academic research ability becomes the key to the problem, so the degree certificate becomes more important.

On the other hand, there is no substantial difference between the master's degree certificate and the master's degree obtained by full-time graduate students in its value and use: if the candidates want to continue the doctoral study, according to the relevant national policies, there is no difference at all;

If a student wants to take a national public service exam, there is no difference.

If a candidate wants to go abroad for further study, a degree certificate is sufficient, because foreign universities do not have a degree certificate, so students will not be required to provide such proof during the examination.

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