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What does a degree really matter?

1. A degree is an effect, not a cause

In daily life, a person without a degree may live a good life.But a person without the ability to learn, most of the not very good.A degree has always been a learning achievement, a recognition of what students have learned.In other words, what education really tests is a person's ability to learn.The higher the degree, generally speaking, the stronger the ability to learn.Academic qualifications are just a means to exercise and test students' learning ability.What is important is the process of learning and the exercise of learning ability.That's what's good for a lifetime.

2, education will be a stepping-stone, but will not be a gold brick

A degree may lead to a whole new job opportunity and more room for development.But the degree, by itself, will not determine your income.The usefulness of a degree cannot be measured simply by the ability to earn more money.It is their own efforts, their own skills and resources that affect their income.On the one hand, education marks the level of education, which can bring more opportunities. On the other hand, it can constantly exercise one's learning ability, so that one can constantly adapt to various work contents.

3, people with higher education are relatively more likely to succeed

For most people, getting an advanced degree is the only sure path to success.A higher degree not only gives you more chances to find a good job and get a higher promotion, but there are even indications that people with higher degrees are better off than those with lower degrees.

Finally, to sum up, education is only the result of learning, more important is the process of learning, and the cultivation of learning ability.Still suggest that have the opportunity, the time situation first try to improve their own education, learn more skills.In this way, there will be more and more opportunities to gain a foothold in this increasingly cruel society.

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