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What does the major that American university applies for better have?

American universities are better to apply for professional in fact most of the relatively unpopular professional, the application of unpopular professional for the students who have a famous school complex can consider, the following Lisichen study abroad for you to introduce the American universities are better to apply for unpopular professional which.

Harvard University and Yale University are good majors to apply:

Harvard and Yale, both in the "hayeps" category, are relatively easy to get into.Harvard's Master of Education program is also relatively easy to apply to.

The University of Chicago is one of the best universities to apply for:

The University of Chicago computer science master's program is also a good choice, and CS graduates are easy to work in the United States ~

Columbia University is a good place to apply for:

Columbia is one of the most popular schools in the Ivy League. It offers programs such as Master of Actuarial Science, Master of Social Work, Master of Statistics, and Master of Electrical Engineering.

The University of Pennsylvania is a good place to study.

Penn's Master of Systems Engineering and Master of English Education programs are easy to apply for, which are suitable for science and engineering students or students with different majors.

Duke University is a good place to apply for:

Duke University's Master of Engineering Management program is slightly more demanding than Columbia University's program, but it is also an easy program to apply for, and the application rate is very high.

Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins University

The Master of Project Management Program of Northwestern University, the Master of Applied Economics Program, the Master of Marketing Program, the Master of Applied Mathematics and Statistics Program and the Master of Finance Program of JHU are worthy of consideration, which are suitable for students of liberal arts and business to choose from different majors.

Cornell University

Cornell came in slightly lower on the list this year, but that doesn't matter: master's programs in statistics are easy to enroll in.

Washington University in St. Louis

There are also a lot of programs to choose from, in order of difficulty to pass the application, the Master of Laws program, the Master of Electrical Engineering program, the Master of Statistics program and the Master of Global Finance program.How to buy a diploma?

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