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Germany's older technical university was named one of the first three "elite universities"

Technical University of Munich (TUM) is located in Munich, the capital of Bavaria (Bayern) in southern Germany. It is the only technical university in Bavaria and the oldest technical university in Germany.The university, a public university, was founded by King Ludwig II in 1868, officially known as the Royal Bayern High Technical School of Munich as a comprehensive technical school. In 1970, it was renamed the Technical University from the Technical School.

The school currently has three campuses.Technical University of Munich (TUM) was named one of the first three "Elite UNI" by the German Federation for Scientific Research (DFG) in 2006 for its innovative spirit and excellent quality of science and education. TUM has been listed as one of the key funding and support targets of the "Future Plan" by the German government.In 2009 Times Higher Education ranked 55th in the world and 14th in Europe.In 2010, universities were ranked 58th globally and European universities 18th.

As a famous German "elite university closely connected with enterprises", TUM has close scientific research, production, education and economic ties with many famous core enterprises in Europe, which provides a guarantee for scientific research knowledge to flow into practical fields as soon as possible, and also provides a large number of outstanding talents for enterprises.Such industries include chemical, aerospace, biological science, information technology, medicine and so on.

As the economic and cultural center of South and Central Western Europe, Munich is home to many world-famous companies, such as Siemens Group and BMW Group, etc. The rich enterprise resources enable Technical University of Munich to enjoy the highest scientific research funds in Germany, and also give students great advantages in internship and employment.Technical university of Munich and Europe and even the world many universities, research institutes have extensive cooperation, such as artificial intelligence, systems engineering, engineering, neural networks, a conductor engineering, automation, biological engineering, food processing, engineering, computer science, such as high-end manufacturing and architecture projects have excellent performance.

Technical University of Munich (TUM) is an internationally renowned German top university and a stable "Nobel Prize factory". Many famous Nobel laureates are from TUM, such as Thomas Mann, Wolfgang Paul, Richard Ernst, etc.Technical University of Munich (TUM) attaches great importance to a solid basic education. Its researchers are engaged in research at the highest standards and integrate their research results directly into teaching.As a result, many professors did their research in the field, such as Carl van Lind, who invented the refrigeration machine here, and then passed on his research to his students.

Technical University of Munich is renowned not only for its outstanding teaching quality, but also for its short study period, with the shortest degree programs among German universities.This short learning cycle can improve the growth rate of students and shorten the time to cultivate talents on the premise of guaranteeing the quality of teaching.It has not only been supported by students, but also welcomed by all sectors of the community.Where to Buy a Degree?

In order to meet the needs of the European Community and the current world competition for talents, TUM strives to raise the awareness of the trend of European integration and to prepare students to adapt to the process of integration.Students are required to master at least two other European languages before graduation, and have a further understanding of the culture and mental state of other countries, so as to be prepared for transnational employment after graduation and to adapt to the competition in the new era of labor market.

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