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The 2021QS US College Rankings are released

The 2021QS US College Rankings are released.The strongest dark horse, New York University, broke into the top 10

In terms of key indicators, the QS US University Rankings look at the following four aspects


-Learning Experience

-Diversity & Internationalisation


In terms of the proportions of the four key categories this year, there have been some changes in employability (up 1.5% for diversity and internationalism) and research ability (up 1% for academic honours).

There was an overall increase in the number of schools compared to last year, with more than 350 four-year colleges making the list.

New York has the most schools on the list, with 74, while California is not far behind with 38. How to buy a real degree online? where to buy a fake diploma in USA?

Private universities lead the top 20 in the country, with the top six universities in Massachusetts (two) and California (four).

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