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phony diploma university de limoges,university de limoges certificate

   ounded in 1968, the University of Limoges is a multidisciplinary university with over 13,000 students.Since its establishment, the university has continued to expand its influence through high-quality teaching and high-level research institutions, and welcomed students from all over the world with a serious, responsible and thoughtful attitude, which has been widely praised by international students.false degree.

At present, the University of Limoges has 9 schools: Faculty of Law and Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Technical Sciences, National College of Engineers of Limoges, Technical University of Limo, Institute of Comprehensive Administrative Preparation and Institute of Vocational University Research.The university is based in the center of Limoges, with schools in cities such as Biliv, Ageton, Tur, Memak, Hohan, and Sudihan. The university focuses on the rapid development of modern technology and the design of practical science courses.The university has a total campus area of 33 hectares, with 145,000 square meters of classrooms and teaching facilities, 8 campus dining halls, 17 school dormitories, 1,300 campus staff, and receives about 15,000 students from all over France and foreign countries every year.A fake diploma from the University of Limoges,In south-central France limoges, population 140000, even in Roman times has arisen, now is an important industrial and commercial city, like China jingdezhen, limoges is the capital of France, limoges city from ancient century is known for its French cloisonne manufacture, until the end of the 18th century the discovery of kaolin formation and development,Limoges became synonymous with French porcelain.

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