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The University of Toulouse is a world-renowned university located in the former southern Pyrenees region of France, which is now the Occitani region. It is also one of the oldest universities in the world.Founded in 1229, the University of Toulouse gained great fame during the Middle Ages because of the many famous scholars who came to lecture there.In 1970, the University of Toulouse was divided into three separate branches and several schools for engineers.In March 2007, these schools were reunited as the University of Toulouse.University of Toulouse consists of 4 universities, 7 engineering schools, 1 school of architecture, 1 business school and 1 school of political science, and has 5 international research institutions, 200 research laboratories, 145 research units.In October 2014, the university changed its name to the Toulouse-Southern Pyrenees Union University.As of June 2015, the school has about 10,000 teachers and researchers, including 6,000 researchers, 120,000 students, including 4,300 doctoral students and 15,000 international students, including 1,500 Chinese students. It is the second largest school district in France.About 16% of French engineers graduate from Toulouse each year.The University of Toulouse is known as Europe's premier university for aerospace engineering.The University of Toulouse is the main backer of high-tech companies such as Airbus and Galileo.Toulouse is also the Silicon Valley of Europe, the most important information engineering research center in Europe.Companies such as Airbus choose Toulouse as their headquarters mainly because they want to be close to the university's technological prowess.false degree.

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