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Go to England study abroad to choose what major is better?

1. Computer major

British educational institutions have been leading the way in the development of computer systems and new applications, and British computer experts have achieved many innovations in integrated circuits, telecommunications, the Internet, logic circuits, artificial intelligence and electronic science.At the same time, computer science programs in British universities work closely with domestic and international companies to cultivate reserve talents.

Employment direction: IT technology management, network support, public service, software development, wireless communication, chip companies.

2. Electrical engineering

The electrical engineering of the UK can be said to be first-class in Europe and world-leading, and important electronic and electrical manufacturers originated in the UK.The educational philosophy of the electrical engineering major in the UK is very forward-looking and creative, and students can fully master the creative thinking and cutting-edge technology design concept.

Employment direction: power system, electric power design and research institute, electronic high-tech enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, environmental protection, post, telecommunications and communication department.

The majors covered by computer science include: computer communication, network security, artificial intelligence, multimedia technology, software development, information systems, etc.If students do not have a clear choice, they can choose this basic major.

3. Communication

British media industry is very developed, has the world's largest radio news agency, the world famous BBC news agency Reuters and the world's largest newspaper The Times, the British news products across most of the corner of the map and the world's media, plays an important role in the global media industry, enjoys the unshakable status.

Employment direction: websites, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, film and television production companies, cultural exchange organizations.

Media majors in the UK mainly fall into three directions: one is mass media, which mainly studies communication, advertising, news writing, reporting and interview, etc.Second, film and television production media, including editing, game design, sound processing, advertising design and film and television production, etc.The third is the media and journalists, mainly including magazines, newspapers, film and television and news organizations.

4. Accounting and Finance

The British financial industry is quite developed, the development of the financial industry also led to the rapid development of the accounting field.The UK is the first country to have professional accountants and the first to establish a professional accounting body in the modern sense. The Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants headquartered in the UK is the leading professional accounting body in the world at present. Therefore, studying accounting in the UK has unique advantages and is conducive to employment.In addition, almost all the major international banks and financial institutions in the world have headquarters or branches in the UK. The open economic environment makes British business schools, especially finance, renowned all over the world.

Employment direction: banking and asset management companies, accounting firms, stock brokers, financial analysts, portfolio fund and mutual fund managers, financial planners.

5. Management

Curriculum is the forefront of management at the university of British management concept with actual application in the enterprise management, through the research of management theory, enterprise success or failure case analysis, simulation, business practice, and cooperate in a variety of ways, such as team organization, improve the students' decision-making insight, strategic management and the decision-making ability of commanding the whole situation.British management is not a simple management, with many directions and subdivisions. In fact, it is diverse and colorful.

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