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Where to buy a fake diploma from James Cook University?How much does it cost to purchase a James Cook University transcript and a James Cook University degree online?How to buy a diploma from a real James Cook University?Stamp the James Cook University certificate.James Cook University, formerly Townsville University College, was founded in 1961 as part of the University of Queensland. It was officially established in 1970 as the James Cook Year.In 1987, a branch campus was established in Cairns.The school has five campuses in Townsville, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.The Cairns campus and Townsville campus are located in a green area surrounded by low mountains. The Cairns clay area is hot and humid all year round with abundant water and grass.Townsville is hot and dry, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and full of tropical scenery.

As Australia's first tropical university, it offers academic research, research training and teaching programmes, as well as a strong presence in academic areas related to the tropical region.The university's research has attracted a lot of outside funding and collaborated with industry and the government.

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