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Where to buy a fake vancouver Island University diploma? Purchase university of Vancouver Island transcripts online. How to buy a real Degree from Vancouver Island University. It's very good quality and it's the perfect substitute. Do you need to purchase a fake vancouver Island University certificate? Please contact us. Founded in 1936, Vancouver Island University is a public university located in the scenic city of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, in the province of British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. Nanaimo is a coastal city with a mild climate (average winter temperature is 6 ° C and summer temperature is 24 ° C), beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It is only 90 minutes by car from Victoria, the capital of BC province, and across the water from Vancouver, 15 minutes by air and 90 minutes by boat. Vancouver Island is slightly smaller than China's Taiwan Island, with a total population of about 750,000, of which only 1.5% are Chinese. It provides a good English learning environment and a superior local cultural and living environment for international students from all over the world.  

Vancouver Island University is a curricular focused public university with small class sizes ranging from 18 to 24, with the largest class size not exceeding 34. The university has more than one college, containing art college of humanities and social sciences, institute of business and management, college of education, faculty of science, institute of health and public utilities, indigenous studies, trade and technology college, English language learning center and so on, altogether more than 120 kinds of lessons, can be awarded a master's degree in graduate and undergraduate bachelor's degree, college diploma, college preparatory, And certificates and so on.  

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