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Where can I buy the latest version of a fake degree from Capilano University? Purchase fake Capilano University certificates at  How to purchase a fake degree from Capilano University.  To buy fake diploma, I need to purchase the diploma of Capilano University to find a suitable job.  Where can I buy fake diplomas from Capilano University? Founded in 1968 as Capilano College, Capilano University was officially upgraded to university status by the BC Provincial Government in 2008.  Capilano University is located in north Vancouver, just 20 minutes from Vancouver.  buy mba degree.Caprano University has three campuses. The main campus is located halfway up the hill in North Wenzhou, surrounded by green trees and pleasant scenery. The other two campuses are located in Squamish and Sunshine Coast on the north shore.  All three campuses are located in popular tourist areas in BC province.  With more than 7,200 full-time students, Caprano offers four degree programs and more than 80 certificate programs.  bachelor degree.  

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