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was founded in 1975 as the Dublin School of Finance and Finance.

Located in the heart of Dublin, the Irish capital, the College is recognized by the Irish Department of Education and recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs as the most suitable school for international students.  It is one of the largest independent business schools in Ireland, and in 1989 established a partnership with the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.  Since 2000, DBS has further merged LSB College to establish the College of Humanities and Arts of DBS. Besides the original business courses, DBS also offers courses in the fields of arts, humanities, psychology and so on.

At the same time, DBS not only emphasizes the academic theoretical basis, but also attaches more importance to the training and enlightenment of practical skills. Therefore, in the course arrangement, DBS often cooperates with the industry and various professional groups to provide students with the opportunity to work as interns, and also provides the pipeline for students to work in well-known enterprises after graduation.  

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